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We are Airport shuttle service provider in South Calgary. Be it from your home or office, just give us a call and we will get you to the airport and back with the least amount of stress, struggles, expenses, and headache. To achieve this, we have scattered a hub of daily commuting shuttles across South Calgary. These hubs are so close that they are reachable from anywhere in the South Calgary within 5 kilometers. You can either go to any of them or give us a call to pick you at home,hotel or private address. You can be sure that comfort and safety is guaranteed.

While other shuttle companies because of logistic complications refused to offer their services from home passengers and instead focused all their energy on hotel-based, out-of-town visitors in the downtown areas, we went against the trend and used innovative solutions to remedied the problem. Instead of following the herd, we creatively discovered how to provide reliable and quality airport transportation services to our residential clients. Deploying operational software to take reservations, dispatch vehicles and handle last minutes cancellations, McKenzie Shuttle Services quickly became the go-to-airport transportation company in south side of calgary. People began to trust us more and we became known as the only company that can give you the "On Time" guarantee. To prove this, we tell our customers, we are either On Time or the ride is on us, FREE OF CHARGE! The remaining question is, why would you want to park your car at the airport, incurring astronomical fees along the way? Simple answer: Dont. At McKenzie Shuttle Service, we have got you covered!




South East Calgary 

Express airport shuttle bus  from South East Calgary  



South West Calgary 

Express Airport  shuttle bus from south west 




Express airport shuttle bus from calgary international airport to south calgary 

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